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Do you own a bike, car or something else that is highly relevant to automotive and motorsport past, present and future? Please register via any of the links below. Entrant cars and bikes will need to be considered unique and collector grade for best selection results. Your entry will be judged via a selection panel and a two step short listing process. Finalists will be notified via email. Please visit here for prize money, winners categories, provisions, entry terms and conditions.


> 1953-1968

> Automobile

> Motorbike

This category is for anything automotive that was manufactured within the period 1953-1968. Road or track, car or bike simply period specific.

- Best Bike $5,000

- Best Car $5,000

The automobile category is broken into regional manufacturers

- Best Australian $2,500

- Best European $2,500

- Best American $2,500

- Best Asian $2,500

The motorbike category is broken into regional manufacturers with a dirt component.  
- Best Dirt $2,500
- Best European $2,500
- Best American $2,500
- Best Asian $2,500

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